This is a great little day for posts here at Sly – Wild Nothing, Muse and Cuff the Duke. Great stuff.

Cuff the Duke’s album Morning Comes, which was released earlier this year is part one of this 2 album set. This was news to me upon seeing this new release. It seems they are trying the Conor Oberst approach to a double album. Similar to I’m Wide Awake it’s morning & Digital Ash, the first album was more striped down, where as “Union” will be a more experimental & electronic album. I’m pretty damn excited as Morning Comes will easily find it’s way into my top albums of the year list.

Also if you haven’t heard Morning Comes yet or just don’t have it, well you can buy a bundle with a new version of the record (a Red / White version). I was happy to nab one of the original press (still available on their site) that is an edition of 500 only hand numbered, but this red & white sounds pretty enticing. As if that’s all not enough, the bundle is only $35. Damn. Yeah, get out them credit cards.

Price – $20 or $35 for the bundle

Listen on Spotify (previous album)

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