Another stellar release from Jurassic Pop — Cooked Books’ Endtimes Forever may very well be the Ten Commandments of Psych/Garage rock. 10 solid tracks of loud that bring me to my knees (with air guitar in hand).

Splits are limited to 125 so get one while you can! Or get all 3 variants at a discount and make a rock sandwich!

Black/Clear split (limited to 125) – $17:


Clear w/ White Smoke – $15:


Black – $14:


Combo Pack (all three variants) – $40. Save 6 bucks!

The Details

According to rumor, Cooked Books was born from a Craigslist ad which read simply “Psych/Garage/Loud”. Within months they quickly developed a reputation for being the most exciting live band in the crowded Bloomington, IN scene.

On their sophomore record Cooked Books rededicate themselves to their original mantra in a big way. Recorded live to 1/4” tape in Indiana’s most infamous basement studio, Magnetic South, Endtimes Forever captures all the raw, dirt-glam chaos of their live performances.

The album kicks off with the call and response guitar licks of “Logic Stops”, which proves to be an apt title, because you’re immediately thrown headfirst into the darkest corners of Cooked Books’ collective electric-paranoia. Propelled by fuzzed-out bass and freakout guitars the album crashes through it’s 27 minutes at a deadly clip.

Available on limited-edition black/clear split-color vinyl (limited to 125) [only available through mailorder], clear w/ white smoke vinyl, and black vinyl. All records include digital download.

Price $15

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