Conspiracy of Owls are putting out another limited 7″ through the DIY-label Philthy Phonographic Records in coop with Burger Records. This one has mono, alternative versions of the tracks Puzzle People and Ancient Robots from their S/T debut-album, and can be pre-ordered now. The artwork is done by Mexican artist Ernesto Muniz, and looks pretty neat!

Bobby Harlow, John Krautner and Marc Fellis are most known for being the core in the Detroit garage/psych-outfit The Go! (which also featured Jack White back in -98/-99). In 2010 they released their outstanding S/T debut-album as Conspiracy of Owls through Burger Records, now long OOP (this is said to get a deluxe-treatment through Burger soon, so keep your eyes peeled!).

There were 75 Clear with Black and White Splatter– and 300 Black Vinyl 7″ available, but only a handful of the Splatter Platters still available! These are 14.99$ a piece, but well worth it! The Black Vinyl is available for 7.99$.   There were also 25 Madness-editions of this (sold out within 5 minutes..), and 100 Red Vinyl 7″ will be available after SBXSW through Burger Records.


The Madness-editions were all individually splattered, and I won’t get no sleep for some time for missing out on these bad boys..



I’ve included the S/T debut-album in the spotify-player for your enjoyment. I recommend you check it out!

NB! The “Buy Now”-link is giving me some trouble.. If this is not working for you, try here

The Details

Philthy Phonographic Records is proud to present:
The PREORDER for Conspiracy of Owls.
The record has mono alternative versions of Puzzle People and Ancient Robots.
The cover is by Mexican artist Ernesto Muniz.

The MADNESS edition is limited to 25 copies and the Splatter Platters are limited to 75 copies.
These variants are only available from Philthy Phonographic Records.
There is a limit of 1 MADNESS and 1 SPLATTER PLATTER per household.

The red variant is limited to 100 copies and will be available only through Burger Records after SXSW.

Price $7.99

Listen on Spotify

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