This album went soooo quickly into my favorite albums of 2012. It’s the kind of album you get to the end and just want to start it over again.My first thought was damn, this would be so awesome to spin at a summer party, then was like, damn but they are a crazy small band and will never have vinyls yet. Aaaaannnnd I was very happily wrong. They only have 150 & state they are lovers of the wax, which I would have to guess is very true because the cost of that wax almost 100% has a likelihood of being fronted by their own hard earned cashe’.

Here are the details in a condensed way for people who hate words.

  • Badass band. You’ll be able to not like them when they’re large cause you heard them first.
  • One of the better albums of the year.
  • Only 150 made
  • Money goes right to the band
  • Will give you an opportunity to have an impromptu, sweaty dance party with that cute next door neighbor. (the album art depicts the result of this)

Price – $21 (19 euros) + $12 shipping =(

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