If you’re a fan of DIY-stuff, I urge you to check out this album by Cold Foamers out via SLUGSALT Records! SLUGSALT Records was in fact started as a result of this very album, with the purpose of giving it a proper Vinyl-release!

The 14 tracks that make up “All Cold Everything” all have a strong DIY-aesthetics to them, both in performance and production. They cover a wide array of genres and styles, but what they all have in common is this heartfelt soulful feel that creeps under your skin and makes you want to experience them over and over. There’s some genuinely solid craftmanship songwriting/arranging in here, and I keep stumbling upon parts that seriously gives me the goosebumps!  All Cold Everything was recorded and produced by wiz-kid Alex G, who also performs throughout the album! This is a rough diamond, good people! Be sure to give it a go.

As I type I’m told there are 15 copies left of the Transparent Gold Vinyl, so get in quick if you want one of those..

Cold Foamers VinylCold Foamers Gold

The Details

The long-awaited LP treatment of Cold Foamers' album, "All Cold Everything". Fourteen tracks, three color variations. Includes hand-numbered jackets and a lyrics sheet/insert.

PHILLY ONLY options are for delivery/pick-up so you can save on shipping. Don't choose this option if you need the LP shipped.

a total of 300:
/52 Transparent Gold
/104 Transparent Green
/144 Black

if you order multiple color copies, you'll get one of each color.

Price $14

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