You may or may not be aware of the ensuing drama around the current and former members of CKY, but it has most recently spilled over into the interwebs in the form of dueling “Volume 1” vinyl releases. It’s a real Red vs. Blue battle to the end! No really though, there’s two competing releases (one with a Red cover and one with a Blue one).

Exclusively available in certain Urban Outfitters locations are copies of the Red cover CKY – Volume 1.
This release is real and you can have it in-hand today. It’s the real deal. Remastered and all. This version is significantly cheaper as well ($22 vs. $35).

Now available online! Link below.

Limited to 1000 Copies
Random-Colored Vinyl LP
(Check out some examples here!)


The Details

Product Sku: 38072427; Color Code: 001
Recorded in Holland, Pennsylvania, Volume 1 is the debut studio album from CKY. The album was mostly written by vocalist and guitarist Deron Miller before Chad Ginsburg joined alongside Jess Margera, skater Bam Margera's brother. 2003, Distant Vinyl Co.

Price $22

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