Joyful Noise is really pumping out the releases. This is a bit of hardcore / Experimental music, a little outside our usual news. But we know there are some serious hardcore fans out there that would appreciate for sure. I think i’m on the edge of drinking the koolaid, but not there just yet. Thoughts?

The Details

Released on 10″ vinyl, the 7-song EP is the counterpart to last year’s Monomania release. Vision Crimes is Monomania’s other half, both in musical aesthetic and visual artwork. The release features elaborately screen-printed jackets, uniquely assembled almost like a pop-up book.

The vinyl pressing features a unique method known as “Aside/Bside” in which two vinyl colors are pressed together, forming color variants which are 100% unique to each individual record. The pressing is limited to 520 copies total, 260 on yellow/purple vinyl (which combine to create what we like to call “Diseased Egg”), and 260 copies on brown/red vinyl (which combine to form the fantastic new color “Bloody Feces”). 
Officially released on January 22, pre-order includes instant MP3 download. 
Thanks to Ryan Ribitsch for the tip!

Price – $12

Free MP3

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