If Sheena is a punk rocker, then Cheena is her cool older sister. ¬†When Sheena was just a kid, she could hear Cheena blasting The New York Dolls in her bedroom. ¬†Posters of The Stooges, T. Rex and Hawkwind adorned Cheena’s¬†walls, and even though Sheena didn’t understand it all just yet…she knew it sounded better than her David Cassidy 8-tracks.

Sacred Bones Records’ newest inductee is Cheena, a New York-based AND inspired band with a penchant for the sounds creeping out of East Village’s sewers before there was a name for it yet. ¬†As soon as the first deep-fried, crackling guitar riff hits your eardrums on¬†Did I Tell You Last Night?, you’ll know where they’re coming from. ¬†It’s lip-snarling, cheeky and androgynous, and it’ll stick its tongue down your throat just as fast as it’ll smash your face into the curb,¬†so grab your eyeliner and your brass knuckles. ¬†It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

These hand-numbered, wax-sealed 7″ delectables ain’t gonna last long, so get to the buy page before you’re left out in the cold, watching everybody else¬†from the window.

The Details

****Limited Edition Version: Edition of 200 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging, with alternate screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, wax-sealed, and available by mail order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.****

Price $7

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