Allright, the brilliant Captured Tracks label has recently announced that they’re taking pre-orders for what they have left in stock of their RSD-titles!

All limited RSD-editions, and down to seriously low numbers available.   Go get’em if you missed’em at Record Store Day..

Captured Tracks Releases:

Cosmetics ‘Olympia…Plus’ 12″ EP
Medicine ‘Part Time Punk In Session’ LP
Skylon 7″
The Snow “Memory Loss/Joy Of Life’ 7″
Milk N Cookies ‘Not Enough Girls In The World/Nots’ 7″
Bok Bok ‘Come Back To Me/Misfit’ 7″

Flying Nun Releases:

Dunedin Double 2×12″ EP
Bored Games ‘Who Killed Colonal Mustard’ 12” EP


The Details

Record store day has come and gone again.

We’ve had lots of emails, facebook messages, telegrams and messages in bottles asking when/if these titles will be available on our webstore. The answer is yes, pre order now.

Every title has seriously low numbers (under 200) available on our site. After that they are gone forever. Pre-order now to ovoid tears before bedtime! They’ll ship out soon.

Price $8

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