RIYL: Black Angels, Black Mountain, Sleepy Sun

Label: Romanus Records

It’s been almost 3 years since Wisconsin psych rock 4-piece Calliope have laid down their bluesy stoney riffs to tape, but the wait is over. ¬†With the help of Romanus Records, the Wisconsin boys have two brand new red hot jams to melt your epidermis. ¬†Sea of Red is ripe with organ drone, thick layers of guitar trickery and a lexicon of vintage cool. ¬†If you’re into The Black Angels, you need this one, but I can also see Calliope’s dueling guitar solos appealing to fans of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

If you’re digging these tracks as much as I am, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Calliope’s upcoming full-length¬†Chapel Perilous. ¬†Should be explosive. ¬†In the meantime, cop one (or all) of these amazing 7″ variants. ¬†The random colored copies are a cool $8, the splatters, limited to 100, are $9, the gorgeous one-off colorways are $20 and the delicious sand-filled 7″s, limited to 45, are $45. ¬†Watch a video of the sand-filled variant HERE¬†and check out the tracks and colorways below.

These rekkids officially go on sale on Saturday, March 18, at 3:00 PM EST, but you lovely Sly readers get a crack at them early.  <3

The Details

Random Color - $8
Splatter (x/100) - $9
One-Off Wonder (x/15) - $20
Sand-Filled (x/45) - $45

Additional Images

Price $8

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