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Label: The Rolling People

Today’s an exciting day for us at Sly headquarters.  A lot of our die-hard readers fell in love with the label Echo Drug Recordings around the tail end of 2015.  They consistently put out insanely cool artists with insanely cool (and rare) vinyl.  I own every damn one of them.
While Echo Drug still exists, two of its co-founders have ventured off into a brand new world.  Meet Ben and Todd from The Rolling People.  We asked them a few questions about how they started and about their first vinyl release dropping TODAY, July 14, at Noon EST..  Listen to the entire album HERE.  And if you want that cult exclusive variant, limited to only 50 copies, you need to join the cult at the bottom of their website HERE.  Otherwise, take one last hit of that coffee and get excited.  Take it away, Ben and Todd.


You’ve said on your website that The Rolling People is more than just a label. Can you expand on what you mean by that?

Well, after we (Ben and Todd) quit the label we founded (Echo Drug Recordings) and being best friends for over 20 years, we knew we wanted something much bigger. Call it a creative curse or entrepreneurship, either way, there’s never been a company that completely encompassed our entire lifestyle so it was time we made one. We are more than just a record label this time around. We’re a way of living founded on rock ‘n roll, skateboarding and motorcycle culture. All we’ve ever wanted is to create art, listen to music and ride. Because of that, it allows us to be way more free with what we bring to the table product-wise. Aside from records, we’ve already started working on apparel, skateboard decks, wheels, and other goods for the near future. With this new company, we wanted more of a lifestyle brand where music is a piece of the puzzle but not the entire puzzle, a collection of things that all fit together. There’s so much other shit we love that focusing 100% on just one thing was kind of boring. This gives us time to create other stuff besides just putting a record out here and there.

Where did you guys come up with the name The Rolling People? Does the logo have any sort of meaning behind it?

When we first met, we bonded over being massive Verve fans and other things we won’t mention, haha. Thats another story for another time. A Storm In Heaven, A Northern Soul and Urban Hymns were non-stop on our turntables. There’s a track on Urban Hymns called The Rolling People. It was basically our party anthem. We were still in our early 20’s and we’d jam that tune every night before going out. When we were trying to come up with a new company / label name we went back to the beginnings of our friendship. The name ‘The Rolling People’ also suggests a group or collective. A lot of companies can come off very ‘business to consumer’ instead of ‘we’re all in this together’. Being involved in punk music and skateboarding from childhood to now, there’s always been a sense of community in those scenes that will never leave our souls. No one on the planet wants to work a shit job their whole life, right? Haha! Everyone has dreams of doing what they love and are passionate about but seldom do people make them happen. We’re both basically in our 40’s now so it became a turning point of sorts. Lets do something where we wake up everyday loving life instead of dreading it. The logo definitely has meaning – everything should or what’s the point of anything, right? We’ve always been intrigued by the idea of religion and its iconography. The company name lead us to playing off that whole cult / religious vibe. We’re not sacrificing babies over here or anything like that, haha, but common interests bring us together, ya know? We’ve always been about moving forward and the circle icon in our logo has the look of a wheel. Having that icon as our b-side label on vinyl spinning on a turntable just brings that idea home. We also wanted the icon to have a cultish paganesque quality to it, like something you’d find inscribed on a stone from the medieval period. Think we nailed that one.

What challenges do you face with this label / company?

The only real challenge of doing a label for us is finding bands you stand behind and are passionate about 100%. Everything else is a breeze really. We’re pretty much perfectionists and don’t want to just churn out bullshit like a lot of labels do just to pay the bills. One thing we can’t stand is when a band / record has one or two good tunes and the rest of the record sucks. We look for masterpieces, a consistently great record from beginning to end. We can go 6 months without finding a band we wanna put out and that’s totally fine with us. As much as we’d love this new company to be successful and kill it financially, we’d rather stay a consistently amazing small label than a giant bullshit machine. It falls into the artist / designer / perfectionist thing again. Rather be broke but proud, I guess, haha.

Tell us about your first band BYSTS and their record that’s up for preorder today ‘Killer On The Road’…

When we first found them via Instagram and checked out their tunes, we were blown away. They’ve invented a new genre honestly. We had never heard anything like them before and that was refreshing. Not that you have to reinvent the wheel, but hearing something completely different, yet incorporating a lot of elements of music we love, we were sold. Sound Of Confusion had this to say about them: “You could call it coldwave, you could call it darkwave, but if anyone’s invented a genre called post-apocalypticwave then this must be what it sounds like. The noise they make is huge and feels like brute force.” The fact they are a two piece is also ridiculous for the sound they bring. Killer On The Road is a perfect example of the kind of record we look for. Every song is a banger. The album name came from the same-titled opening track – it was the first song we heard which also inspired the album art. We wanted to keep it mysterious about who the killer actually is. We’ve been talking with Bryan and Stef now for for a long time and we consider them great friends – sincere, funny, down to Earth, incredible people. Love you two!!!

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50 - Cult Exclusive - Gold / Black / White / Yellow Splatter variant
100 - Motor Oil Variant - Black / Yellow Color in a color variant
150 - Highway Haze - Black / Silver Swirl variant

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