RIYL: White Stripes, Black Keys, Sleepy Sun

Label: Romanus Records

“Chris Banta and Warner Swopes, the two-man wrecking crew otherwise known as Brother O’ Brother, return with a six-song EP titled “Monster Truck.” The all-work-and-some-play ethics of Chris Banta and Warner Swopes have taken Brother O’ Brother from a garage band into a fully functioning, touring machine. Playing over 200 shows in the last 2 years and selling thousands of records, there are no signs of slowing down. In their downtime, the duo run the indie label Romanus Records, which not only releases their own albums but some of the best indie rock from the Indianapolis area and beyond.” – Indy Star

Brother O’ Brother have constructed a well-oiled machine over the last few years and their hands are on every cog.  From the righteous riffage to the tour schedules and right down to the color of the vinyl, Banta and Swopes control the operation themselves.  DIY all the way.  If your color palette is firmly planted in the blues, then look no further with Brother O’ Brother.  This one’s harder, ballsier and bluesier than anything they’ve ever done.

Check out the insane color variants below!  You’ve got a chance for splatters, tri-colors, delectable one-offs and, for the first time in history, NERDS-filled vinyl.  Yeah, you heard right.  Delicious candy-coated sour treats embedded inside the vinyl.  There’s only 50 of those and they will be gone quick, so get your F5ing finger ready.  These go on sale Sunday, August 12th, at 3:00 PM EST.  Check out the entire album below while you wait.

The Details

Grave Digger Splat/100 $15
Bigfoot Splat/100 $15
Tri Color/50 $15
One of Wonder Bundle/10 $100
Nerds Filled/50 $50

All jackets are screen printed to match!

Additional Images

Price $15

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