Indiana is displayed proudly on the cover of Brother O’ Brother’s newest single, a powerful reminder that no matter where you hang your hat, be it the Mississippi Delta, London, Paris, Munich or Indianopolis, you can still sing the blues.

Chris Banta’s half-shout, half-trill mantra on Means to Be a Woman is an astute perspective on the perils most women face against the hoards of our oft-condemning culture.  Slut or prude…Your pick.  Banta reminds us that “these are our nieces, our mothers, our daughters”, and that classic blues guitar riff sends the message straight to your gut.  Give the man a podium, ’cause I’m a believer.  What about you?

I doubt their run of 100 singles will stay around much longer.  Grab one and file it next to your Reignwolf 7”s.

The Details

New BOB limited first press vinyl. Comes in beautiful mixed marble pressing. Limited to 100. GRAB EM UP!

Price $8

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