Unfortunately they don’t say if this bonus ep is on wax or not. I would have to guess it’s not sadly. Hopefully we can find out soon. I am a sucker for this band, so obviously I love the single, but I believe even newcomers to this track will love as well.

I’m going to buy it either way so might as well snag the limited edition ep before they’re all gone.

The Details

Release date: Monday, 1st April 2013
Formats - CD/LP/Download

IMPORTANT: You will need to place your order for CDs/LPs by Tuesday, 26th March in order to receive the album by release date. This is because of the extended UK Holiday around Easter!

BONUS FEATURE! The first 500 people to order the album will receive a limited-edition bonus EP featuring new recordings with unique, individual artwork.

'Machineries of Joy' is British Sea Power's fifth studio album, following 2010's 'Valhalla Dancehall'.


1. Machineries Of Joy
2. K Hole
3. Hail Holy Queen
4. Loving Animals
5. What You Need The Most
6. Monsters Of Sunderland
7. Spring Has Sprung
8. Radio Goddard
9. A Light Above Ascending
10. When A Warm Wind Blows Through The Grass

Price $20

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