RIYL: John McLaughlin, Magma, Zappa

Label: Necio Records

QUIPU’s spectacular hour-long musical sojourn is nothing less than a trans-dimensional dance into new myths, old myths and even myths yet to be addressed.” – Julian Cope

West coast multi-instrumentalist and producer Brian Ellis recorded Quipu in 2008, but it wasn’t released until 2011, and only on CD. Certainly one of the most eclectic adventures in his solo catalog, Quipu is a skull-bending 7-track saga clocking in at an hour and some change. For the uninitiated listeners, the musicianship on this thing is immense. Ellis drizzles prog, jazz fusion, funk and psych rock over the angular rhythms and instrumentation to make something both challenging and rewarding. One minute, it’s trekking along an intense saxophone bridge and the next minute it’s exploding into a crunchy Zappa guitar freak-out. There isn’t much time to come up for air here, but why would you want to waste time breathing when your ears are so fulfilled?

Nearly a decade after its release, Peruvian label Necio Records are putting out this fantastic and underrated gem on vinyl for the first time. Listen to the full album below if you dare, but make sure you’ve got those headphones on to truly immerse yourself. 300 copies have been printed on a gorgeous “sun marble” colorway and those can be purchased after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Gatefold Edition
Sun Marble Double Vinyl 12'' + Special insert
NOTE: Shipping from Poland to all Europe and the rest of the world!

* Only 300 copies
* The first 150 people who buy this vinyl from this bandcamp, their names will be on the special insert!

Release date: 03/07/2021

Price $31

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