RIYL: Franz Ferdinand, Band of Horses, Midlake, Grandaddy, Travis

Label: Bella Union / Dualtone

Never did I ever expect to see Franz Ferdinand and Midlake share a stage, but adding Band of Horses, Grandaddy and Travis into the mix?!  Ok yeah, you’ve got my attention.  Meet BNQT, the world’s newest indie rock conglomerate.

First single Restart barrels forth with a mammoth riff reminiscent of Lonerism-era Tame Impala, but the choir of vocal harmonies hoists the track through the rafters.  In the sea of the past few years’ supergroups, I have to say that this one has me the most excited.  Looking forward to hearing the rest!

Bella Union unfortunately doesn’t appear to have a limited option for the UK folks, but statesiders have an orange vinyl option through Dualtone Records.  Pick that up after the ‘buy’ link and check out their single below.

The Details

Volume 1 is the new record from BNQT, a band that combines indie rock band Midlake with members of some of your favorite indie bands: Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Jason Lytle (Granddaddy), Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand), and Fran Healy (Travis) are featured throughout the album.

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