Whoa, it’s been 10 years already?  The debut-album by Canadian indie/alternative/stoner collective Black Mountain made quite the impact when released back in 2005, and still sounds as fresh as ever!  There are so many fantastic tracks in here, and the hazy playfulness oozes throughout the whole album. Combined with the trademark stoner-crooning of Stephen McBean this was destined to become one of the great classics! If you were to only own one record by Black Mountain, this would be the one good people. This belongs in any respectable record-collection, so if you don’t have it, get it. If you have it, hell, get it again. You need that extended version of Druganaut (the whole Druganaut EP is included) and you bet those demos and outtakes are Awesome (99,9% certain with a capital A)!

The 10th Anniversary Year Deluxe Edition is also available as a 2xLP on Black Vinyl, but a Limited amount is pressed on Grey Vinyl. All initial copies comes with foil-printed litho-wrap gatefold packaging!


Releasing on June 23rd via Jagjaguwar

The Details

Black Mountain: Black Mountain (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Limited Grey Vinyl)

Available in limited edition Grey Vinyl. Black Mountain's self-titled debut album is a new classic rock, with reference points arcane and clear, its sound fresh, unfamiliar and irresistible. Savor the compact, spacey brilliance of this cosmic, heavy and subtle album, expanded now with a raft of delicious bonus tracks scavenged from the Black Mountain Army archives.

The 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition is a double-LP including 8 bonus tracks on limited edition colored vinyl, using foil-print on the first pressing of the litho-wrap gatefold packaging. The records themselves are limited-edition color matched grey double vinyl, as well as standard black vinyl and double disc CD, which are also available with limited edition foil-printing. It includes the original classic album paired with the Druganaut 12″ plus 4 previously unreleased tracks.

01 Modern Music
02 Don't Run Our Hearts Around
03 Druganaut
04 No Satisfaction
05 Set Us Free
06 No Hits
07 Heart Of Snow
08 Faulty Times
09 Druganaut (Extended Remix)
10 Buffalo Swan
11 Bicycle Man
12 Behind The Fall
13 Set Us Free (Demo)
14 Black Mountain (Demo)
15 No Satisfaction (UK Radio)
16 It Wasn't Arson

Price $22.99

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