RIYL: Pink Mountaintops, Wooden Shjips, Earth, Dead Meadow

Label: Jagjaguwar

It’s been over 5 years since Black Mountain’s crispy back-country psych folk graced our headphones and turntables with some new music.  Frontman Stephen McBean has been busy in the interim with his 96 other projects, but the wait is finally over.  Black Mountain is back.

Believe it or not, but there were decades long ago when rock and roll was f-ing king.  Ozzy, Plant, Bolan and Daltrey graced the bedroom walls of teenagers from Sacramento to Jersey, organ solos ran for 5+ minutes and the guitar was the center of the universe.  Black Mountain transports you back to those days with spliff in hand.

As is customary with Jagjaguwar, the limited orange vinyl can only be obtained by snagging the mail order bundle.  This one comes with a CD (remember those?) and a custom pewter model plane, emblazoned with the Black Mountain IV logos.  Check out some seriously sick little teasers of the album HERE, and Bon Week-end, mon frere.

The Details

Album on limited edition translucent orange vinyl 2xLP (this color is exclusive to the Jagjaguwar mailorder bundle)

Album on CD in 6-panel cardboard wallet

Limited edition custom pewter model plane, emblazoned with the Black Mountain IV logos

Digital download code for the album (as a .zip file containing 320kbps mp3s), redeemable on March 18, 2016, two weeks before release date

Price $29.98

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