More than ONE Black Jesus?  Think of the possibilities.  Think of all that wine you’d get at your next office party.  Think of how immaculate a dueling guitar solo would sound with two Jesuses at the helm?

To you non-believers, you’ve got a friend in rock and roll.  Rock and roll will lead you to the promised land.  The solid trifecta of backbeat rhythm, high-pitched vocalizin’ and high-squeelin’ guitar solos will deliver you from your enemies and part the seas of mediocrity.

Empty your coffers and receive a limited pressing of the rock and roll entombed in a fiery wax sphere.  Drink this kool-aid and see the light.  Amen and amen.

The Details

180 Gram vinyl Gatefold Jacket
(100) - A Side/B Side : Transparent Red / Orange
(200) - White

A Side:
Losing My Name
Won't Drag Me Down
Roll Call

B Side:
7 to 3
Rotten, Scheming, Dirty & Mean
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Yer Blues

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Price $16

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