This is hands down a must-have album in your collection. The problem has always been that it’s only out on the super audiophile edition which runs in the $40s. Well that is not changing with this release, sorry. But if you’re like me, you’ve picked it up many times and thought, someday you’ll be mine. Well this release is trying to call my bluff, cause really if you don’t buy this one, then let’s face it, you’re not going to buy it.

Though, not to be overly critical of the vinyl, but this album being pink is cool as it goes with the artwork, but it doesn’t match the albums tone by any means. Not saying it has to be a dark & sad color, but it doesn’t make me feel Hot Pink when listening to it. Thoughts? How much should the vinyl color decision match the album tone?

The Details

And now, this celebrated release is available on pink vinyl. As Mobile Fidelity’s first-ever Black Friday release, these copies are indeed special, and will not last. Only 1000 copies were made and this will not be re-pressed. Celebrate Sea Change with the best-sounding, best-looking version ever produced!

Price – $45

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