The sludge metal band Baroness from Savannah, Georgia just released their third album yesterday. If you love metal I highly recommend you pick this one up. I’m pretty sure Baroness was formed with the sole purpose of melting faces. I can’t confirm that, but listening to their music would lead one to believe so.

Being on Relapse Records means that this release will be just as awesome and colorful as Baroness’ last two albums vinyl + packaging wise.

It seems that the 3 limited runs of 500 have already been bought up. But! You still have a chance to grab the Opaque Yellow version. Only 1500 of the yellows were made and have a hardbound gatefold sleeve containing a 28+ page art book built right into the album with art from John Baizley, Paul Romano, and Aaron Horkey.

Price – $40

From the Label:
Baroness’ Yellow & Green finds a band that has developed into more than just giants of the metal underground, they are now fully formed hard rock titans.

These are one time deluxe pressings of 2CD and 2LP sets with expanded artwork. The deluxe 2CD and 2LP sets will each be housed in a heavy duty 28+ page perfect-bound hard covered book set, featuring the art of frontman John Baizley and renowned artists Paul Romano & Aaron Horkey.

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