The new Barn Owl is ready for pre-order from the Thrill Jockey site. I hope that there’s a chance for us Europeans to get the bonus CD somewhere over here, because shipping is more than $20.- for a single item.

The Details

Bonus CD:
This is not a CDR - it's a glass-mastered, professionally duplicated CD available in a very limited edition for the world. It will only be available from Thrill Jockey mailorder and select record stores.

The bonus CD features three synth-based tracks (FACTORY I, II, III) recorded January 10, 2013 in San Francisco. These three tracks are NEW to the world - and the only way to be sure to hear them is to order your copy of V. The fourth track is a guitar-based live track recorded by David Van Der Voort at Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, CA on October 29, 2010.

Price $18

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