The brilliant Stolen Body Records serves up another nice’n heavy psychedelic treat!  Third album “Alta Loma” by The Bad Joke That Ended Well is a down and dirty garage-explosion, packed with swirling organs, fuzzed out guitars and a steady pumping backline with a lot of punch.  There’s a lot of classic influences going on in the arrangements, most noteable in the occational bluesy tricks and retro 60’s beats. Also, the vocals of Alex Studer really makes me highly curious of what Tom Waits would sound like if he had joined MC5 to kick out the jams!  There’s a truckload of attitude in here, and I can only imagine the intensity this bunch throws at you live..

As usual with Stolen Body, the wax on this looks absolutely stunning, and is a very limited affair..


Feast y’r eyes on this sexy thing..

The Details

Out on a limited edition run of 250 transparent blue vinyl with red, green and yellow splatters. This is The Bad Joke That Ended Well’s 3rd album. This time seeing a fresh line up and cementing their sound in heavy psych, garage rock and blues. The 12 track album was recorded at Toy Box studios in Bristol in 2 days (mostly live) and mixed in one day by Ali Chant. The band wanted to capture their live sound and energy whilst also not falling foul to spending to much time in studio and adding unnecessary elements. The album goes from short punchy garage rock numbers to wide theremin fuelled drum solos. The band have already recorded another two tracks that progress even further that will be released later in the year.

Price $21

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