So if you missed the bootleg edition of this record, then you’re still in luck. Their store is offering a clear speckled version, that frankly is cooler looking than the bootleg. Can’t tell if it’s limited or not, but either way it’s awesome.

The Details

Artwork by Shepard Fairey.
Gatefold Jacket. Clear Speckled Vinyl. 

“Into The Future is the purest BAD BRAINS recording since the ROIR cassette,” says bassist Darryl Jenifer, referring to the early-’80s sound and energy that defined the band. “This self-produced record shines with a true sense of freedom and musical experimentation, with blends of soulful backgrounds meshed with blistering hardcore and metal riffs, with classic dub.”

“13 new jams that volley between dub-styled reggae and the kind of loud-and-fast hardcore with funk and metal undertones that they’ve been perfecting for ages… Always true to their original vision, Bad Brains continue sailing on.” – All Music Guide

Thanks to Burt Kohler for the Tip!

Price – $15

Listen on Souncloud

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