I actually can’t believe these are still on the site. There doesn’t seem to be any info on the site about how many of these exist but mark my words its way less than 100. Pesanta Urfolk have done these test pressing editions before and they are somewhere around the 30 mark. But what would a limited pressing really be worth if the music sucked?

If you haven’t heard of Ash Borer just think if Godspeed You! Black Emperor were really abused as children and grew up on a steady diet of Black Metal. Experimental, boundary pushing and extreme as fuck. And the Pesanta Urfolk label is definitely geared toward collectors. Everything they release is quality with attention to detail and always limited. You have to see to believe.

Also available is the 2XLP regular edition for the people who want the full package as test pressing packages can be a little spare. So buy one regular and one test press! There’s a solution to every problem!

A word to the wise though, they tend to be slow with their shipping as the whole label is run by one dude. But it will be worth the wait.

The Details

Because the limited edition of the LP sold out to mail-list subscribers, we've decided to put the remaining stock of the test pressing edition up for sale (created for the spring 2013 European tour with Fell Voices).

Features a screenprinted and numbered 13x19 folded sleeve. White label stamped with the Pesanta info.

Editions sold in Europe have been printed on a gunsmoke silver sleeve, American edition have been printed on a metallic white sleeve.



Price $30

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