RIYL: parties, pizza, pizza parties, pizza party-packs

Label: Enjoy the Ride Records

Singer.  Songwriter.  Pianist.  Philosopher.  Partier.  Andrew W.K. is the compound of every positive thing in the universe.  True love, pepperoni pizza, winter solstice, arm wrestling, the miracle of child birth, guitar solos, double rainbows…they all have at least a drop of W.K. sweat embedded in their DNA.  Like a phoenix somersaulting out of the embers of Y2K, Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier began this millennium with four words.  Party ‘Til You Puke.  Hard synth pop?  Classical rock?  Pizzacore?  Wtf was this new aural sensation?  Whatever it was, it spawned 2001’s immediate rock and roll classic I Get Wet.  Whether you’ve heard it or not, it’s in you.  Party Hard isn’t just a song.  It’s a way of life.

Here’s the thing.  A lot of people think that’s where the story ends.  That’s where they’re wrong.  DEAD WRONG.  Andrew W.K. followed up the party with another party…2003’s The Wolf.  From the cannonball thud of the first symphonic blast of Victory Strikes Again to the final organ fadeout of I Love Music, Andrew W.K.’s sophomore effort is insanely, egregiously, painfully overlooked…so much so, in fact, that they never even bothered pressing it to vinyl.  Until NOW, MFers.  Thanks to Enjoy the Ride Records, we now have a gorgeous swirly slab of wonderful for you to invite into your homes.  It’s limited to only 500 copies and I’m betting they don’t last long.  Listen to the album, grab some vinyl after the ‘buy’ link and Make America Party Again.



The Details

Vinyl color variants:
1. Wolf Swirl - Enjoy The Ride web store exclusive (limited edition of 500)
2. Clear with Black Swirl - Andrew W.K. exclusive (limited edition of 700, available at AndrewWK.com/store)

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Price $27.99

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