RIYL: The Rentals, Failure, Weezer, Hum

Label: Kenobi

Hello friends. Do you like songs about space with amazing melodies? Great, meet Anakin. They’ve been kicking around in the digital world since 2010, but this year they have finally graced us with a physical release.

Some have compared them to “Blue” era Weezer or Failure with a Moog. Those are great comparisons but make no mistake… Anakin is its own machine with its own intelligence. Like a marooned cyborg in a Phillip K. Dick story it is aware that it is alive, but to what capacity and for what purpose?

Do yourself a favor and check out their Bandcamp where you can stream the bulk of their output.




The Details

A limited edition transparent 12" LP record. 1st press [300 copies available]. Please note this is a pre-order item that is not scheduled to ship until May 2016. Date is based on estimated production time.

Anakin came into existence in 2010. Their mission was clear; to create an auditory atmosphere that captured the main elements in music which inspired them to become musicians. Fuzzy, melodic, spaced-out, heavy and honest all describe Anakin's sound but their ability to capture simplicity without boredom is what makes this machine operational. less

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