UK’s Lucky Number Music is releasing two more of bedroom-pop wiz-kid Alex G‘s previous albums, following the success of his lates effort “DSU”“Trick” and “Rules” will be available worldwide on April 7th, and they are both rock-solid efforts in quality lo-fi/bedroom-pop. Personally I find his music to be somewhere in between Pavement and Elliott Smith, but be sure to take a listen and find out what you think.

DSU was originally released in June last year by Orchid Tapes, and instantly sold out 3 limited pressings before Lucky Number picked up on it and released it in the UK last November (also a limited pressing of 1000 copies). Here’s what I had to say about DSU in a previous SlyVinyl post;

“This one…   This might be the best bedroom pop/ lo-fi indie I’ve heard in a long time. Pure quality! This guy is only 21 years old, but has released a tremendous amount of tunes, and from what I’ve managed to listen to so far there’s no skipping-material in here AT ALL!   With little or less promotion through 3-4 years of putting out his stuff through his Bandcamp directly from his laptop, he is has now suddenly become a name on a lot of lips.  He won The Deli Philly’s Best Emerging Artists of 2013 Readers’/Fans’ Poll back in february, and I dare to say we will hear a lot more from this fella from here on out.”

Audio/Video underneath is collected from all three releases. Make no mistake, you need them all!

All three albums are available directly from Lucky Number through the “BUY NOW” link underneath
If you’re stateside, save on shipping by ordering through Insound HERE! (DSU not available here at this moment!)

Alex G TrickAlex G Rules



The Details

Lucky Number are thrilled to announce RULES and TRICK - the latest albums to be physically released by the Philadelphia-based songwriter Alex Giannascoli, more commonly known as Alex G. Previously only available via Alex’s Bandcamp account, the tracks have now been professionally mastered and are being made commercially available for the very first time.

Price $20

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