Edmonton’s weirdo pop rocker chef extraordinaire and one time musician in the now defunct band Makeout Videotape (w/ Mac DeMarco) Alex Calder has an RSD exclusive release for you today out via Captured Tracks. It’s called “Mold Boy,” kind of his side recording project thing, but also mainly being called the album title for the sake of being super official. Whatever, Alex Calder is Alex Calder. He’s got about 50 tracks on his Bandcamp (moldboy.bandcamp.com) that you can check out. Alex Calder continues to create top tier dreary lo-fi pop that sparkles. Prepare for pitch-bent chorus effects with reverb painted guitars and gentle tindery vocals wrapped in ghostly echo.

Album Art by Sebastian Mejias (New York) @minivanboy666 on Instagram

*Please Note Although this is an RSD release, we’re posting this for our readers since it’s available through Captured Tracks website as well as in local shops according to their website, also I currently don’t have the tracklist, if you could hawk that down for me that’d be awesome and I’ll post it here and give you your creds!*

The Details

Fresh off the release of his debut album Strange Dreams, Alex Calder is back and sharing a collection of tracks he has quietly released over the past few years as Mold Boy. This collection finds Calder veering more into experimental territory while retaining the weird-pop elements of his current work. Do not miss the chance to delve further into the hazy world of Alex Calder.
Limited to 700 copies.

Price $14

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