RIYL: Ride, Slowdive, The Radio Dept, My Bloody Valentine, Fleeting Joys, Pia Fraus, Chapterhouse, Cocteau Twins, Ringo Deathstarr

Label: Shelflife

Chicago shoegaze/dreampop-outfit Airiel is releasing their new album “Molten Young Lovers” in October, via Shelflife Records.

It’s loud. It’s pretty. You can dance to it.  This is how Airiel describe their sound, which in short sums up their sonic approach. From the clean, reverbed guitars of The Cocteau Twins and early Slowdive, to the full blown wall of noise by My Bloody Valentine and Ride, Airiel provides great tunes packed with dreamy vibes and beautiful harmonies, backed by solid beats and basslines from above.

Airiel is one of the bands that brought Shoegaze back after the first wave dissolved in the mid 90’s, and certainly played a key-role in reviving the sound that has since the early 2000’s continued to expand into a huge part of todays indie-scene.

Their first 7″ was released in -99 (after a split album as “Airiel Project One” in -98), and a few years later they released the 4 EP’s known as “Winks & Kisses” through the highly influential and dedicated shoegaze/dreampop label Clairecords (Tonevendor) in Florida. The Winks-set really put them on the map, and I remember being very enthustiastic about their pure, dreamy sound, much in opposition to the stadium/power-feel of many of the nu-gaze bands that appeared at the time.

They dropped a few other EP’s and singles prior to their debut-album “The Battle Of Sealand” in -07, and took a breather before reappearing with 2012’s brilliant “Kid Games” EP via Shelflife. The “Winks & Kisses” EP’s was in 2015 reissued as a beautiful 3×12″-set, housed in a triple gatefold-cover (first time on vinyl, limited to 500 copies. This will already cost you way above the 100$ mark. If you find it..).


The Details

Molten Young Lovers

Release date: October 13, 2017
Catalogue number: LIFE142
Pressing: Blue and black splatter vinyl (200 copies) and white vinyl (300 copies).
Artwork by: Airiel / Matthew Edwards

1. This is Permanent
2. Cloudbusrst
3. Your Lips My Mouth
4. Molten Young Lovers
5. Mind Furnace
6. Sharron Apple
7. Song Of You
8. Inside Out
9. Keep You
10. Red Car
11. You Sweet Talker
12. The Painkillers

Shelflife is thrilled to announce Airiel's second full-length LP, Molten Young Lovers, coming out on double LP and digital formats on Oct 13, 2017. This album is the much-anticipated follow-up to 2012's Kid Games EP.

"Cloudburst," the record's first single (which was released this past March), provides a clear insight into the record's magic. The huge chorus is carried by a vocal melody that stands out as the largest part, only complimented by the waves of cascading guitar. In fact, 'large' might be the best possible descriptor for Molten Young Lovers as a whole. The tracks on this LP have a larger-than-life quality, partly due to the crisp production. Kiss' drums are hard-hitting and clear, the guitars are enveloping and lush, and Blanton's basslines flesh out the walls of sound created by the rest of the band. Molten Young Lovers is an album that feels instantly seamless, but that doesn't prevent Airiel from covering a wide range of dynamic ground. Tracks like the opener, "This Is Permanent," and the final track, "The Painkillers," are uptempo songs carried by the unwavering rhythm section, while much of what's in-between--such as "Your Lips, My Mouth"--feel more reflective, without sacrificing any intensity.

In a 2011 interview, Wrenn mentioned that to others, he often describes his music as, "It's really loud, it's pretty and you can dance to it." At first, this might sound like a description that could fit any number of bands. However, upon diving into Airiel's new album, you'll find it to be both an apt description and an inarguable truth. Molten Young Lovers is a record too loud, too big, and too beautiful to be ignored.

Price $25

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