The Swedes have developed a strong tradition in delivering 70’s inspired quality progressive rock, with bands like Änglagård, Anekdoten, Dungen and Landberk to name a couple. The debut-album from Malmö’s Agusa follows up this tradition with an epic monster of a prog/psych/folk album. “Högtid” sounds like it was recorded in a cabin deep in the Swedish woods sometime in the 70’s with all analogue equipment, coloured by lots of beard and insense (probably true at that, except the 70’s part..). With heavy organs, jagged guitars, rock-solid basslines and plenty of rhythmic change ups and shifts, this is a true adventure waiting to take you on! If you’re a fan of vintage prog and psych, this one will make your facial hair tickle and have you on a barefoot stroll through the woods before you can remember where you put your left slipper (possibly naked, long flowing robe at the most). Pure quality!


Pressed on 400 Black Vinyl and 100 Splatter Vinyl LP (the latter sold out in an instant..), this is guaranteed to quickly become a collectors item. The progressive-rock collectors are a tough bunch, known to push prices skywards.

“This superb album is arguably the most authentic take on early 70s progressive rock for many years, while having a definite identity of its own”
— Daniel Ekeroth, music historian and author of the book “Swedish Death Metal”.

The Details

Agusa is a Swedish band with obvious leanings toward such diverse acts as Kebnekajse (Sweden), Amon Düül II (Germany) and Colosseum (UK), but at the same time presenting something unique.

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