RIYL: Tom Petty, The Replacements, Ryan Adams, Free Energy

Label: Almost Ready

First off, these guys might have crafted the best band name of the year.  I applaud you, 1-800-BAND, for being awesome before I even pressed play on your Bandcamp page.  Once I did, though, I was welcome with the tried-and-true rock and roll band that every generation can bang their heads to.  1-800-BAND encapsulates the honky tonk rock your dads loved in Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and underdogs like The Replacements, rough around the edges but precise in their harmonies and song structures.  There’s still so much purity about music like this, why not make an album full of gimmick-free, perfect rock tunes?  Des Moines is definitely my favorite one on here.  “If you tell me that Des Moines’ alright, we can steal a car and leave tonight!”  F-ing perfect.

Almost Ready Records has 300 beautiful black slabs ready for the taking after the ‘buy’ link.  You can also listen to the entire thing below, so if you love your mamas, horses, you’re crazy about Elvis and America too, free fall into the sweet livin’ sounds of 1-800-BAND.

The Details

Delving into the darkest corners of the rock'n'roll story, drawing from 99-cent power pop, country weepers, pub rock, and glam, with a just a lil tinge of heartland rock, 1-800-BAND play loose but well-crafted songs built on alarm-clock-radio hooks.

Limited to 300 on black vinyl.

Price $14

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