Reading Willis Earl Beal’s biography plays out like a film script.  Act 1: Born into the cold winds of Chicago / Act 2: Beal joins the army, but is discharged for medical reasons / Act 3: Beal moves to New Mexico and finds himself homeless and alone, working dead-end jobs / Act 4: Beal makes a bunch of CD-Rs of his recordings and leaves them throughout the city / Act 5: Beal tries out for X-Factor, but bows out after the initial rounds / Act 6: Signed to XL Recordings, and the rest is history.

Needless to say, Beal has a lot to sing about, and he brings the whole damn gospel with him.  That vibrato reverberates in every small-town methodist church, soaked with the pain and anguish of a man with nothing left to lose.  Flying So Low employs a church organ and a swing-low 60s groove to help him out on the pulpit, and his furious howl does the rest.  Break a $10 and grab the 7″ after the ‘buy’ link.  You can throw the rest in the offering plate.

The Details

We are excited to announce the 7 Inch single release by the Willis Earl Beal. This is a very limited run of 300 hand stamped white label copies.

Willis Earl Beal

Side A: Flying So Low
Side B: 12 Midnight

Please note we are currently only taking orders to ship in the USA.

Thanks to Hunter for the tip!

Price $7

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