RIYL: Cautious Clay, Rhye, Cigarettes After Sex

Label: Soul Step Records

Cincinnati singer/songwriter Parker Louis and his 6-piece backing band have a pretty good idea where your feelies are located, an interconnection of the heart valves, limbic system, pelvic bone, the back of the heel, and that area around your neck about 2 inches below your ear…don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Yeah, Mr. Louis and company know the map like it’s the back of their hands. With every sultry harmony, bass pop and organ flutter, they get a little closer to the promised land.

Fans of Twin Shadow’s newest couple of records, Cautious Clay, Rhye and all of your favorite smooth-as-silk r&b artists shouldn’t have much trouble getting comfortable with Parker Louis’ new one.ย  The colored vinyl sold out super quick on Soul Step Records’ website and the black vinyl is going fast.ย  Check out a few of the tracks below and getchu one.


P.S. – Soul Step also put a 7″ out by synth pop 5-piece Multimagic and the colored vinyl for that one sold out quick too.ย  Get the black vinyl HERE for that one before it’s gone too! You’ll be able to hear the single on the buy page.

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Standard Black Vinyl - Less than 150 Left

Price $16

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