RIYL: Vulfpeck, The Budos Band

Label: Dead Ocean

Khruangbin: I was first turned on to this band from a friend, Heather who put it on as we played a rousing game of canasta on their living room coffee table. It was cramped, yes, but the music coming from the speakers was a massive throwback to sounds I’ve heard in the past. As I melded a trio of Aces with two wild cards, she then mentioned that they are one of the best live shows in the country. Now, live shows are on hiatus right now, but let me reminisce for a bit. I remember thinking that there isn’t a lot of complexity to the sound, but I remember zoning into the guitar playing and funky bass pondering “hmmmm, this sounds pretty groovy”. Now, I’m a HUGE skeptic when someone offers a suggestion in music, but this one I could say definitely peaked my interest. My pure funk CD I purchased in middle school came to mind and I definitely investigate with fervor and alas, I’m a big fan now. (Shout out to Heather M. for her impeccable taste in music!)

Now to today! Khuangbin’s “thai funk” is really on display with Mordechai, especially with their first single. The 70’s funk oozed out, reminding me of Sly and The Family Stone and more modern Budos Band. This album looks to be a real hip swayer and tummy gyrator with an all expenses paid trip to arm circles above the head.

Anywho, They decided to put out a flithy amount of variants, so I’m going to include them below, even the ones that have officially sold out (Sometimes they restock!). Here it goes.

Vinyl Me Please

Limited to 1000 Pink and Blue Splash

Record Store UK

Clear Vinyl (w/ Signed Print)

Turntable Labs

Limited to 1000 Clear Smoke

HHV Exclusive

Limited to 1000 Translucent Violet

End of an Ear

Merlot Wave vinyl (End of an Ear exclusive)

End of an Ear & Rough Trade & HHV.de

Limited to 3000 (Indie?) Pink vinyl

The Details

HHV: Mordechai HHV Exclusive Translucent Violet Vinyl Edition

Secretly: Mordechai on Summer Sky Wave LP, digital download code for the album (containing 320kbps MP3s) redeemable on release day

End of an Ear: Merlot Wave vinyl - (End of an Ear exclusive)

VMP: Limited to 1000 Pink and Blue Splash (Sold Out)

TTL: Limited to 1000 Smoke (Sold Out)

Pink Vinyl looks to be and indie exclusive limited to 3000.

Record Store UK Clear & Black Vinyl (w/ Signed Print) (Sold Out)

Additional Images

Price $21.98

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