RIYL: My Morning Jacket, Yim Yames, Conor Oberst

Label: Capitol

Jim James is the lead singer of My Morning Jacket and the owner of one of the most gorgeously stunning voices in rock music today. If you ever have the chance to see him live then do yourself the favor and do not miss it. His soaring baritone will fill the space between your bones.

His solo ventures thus far have been pretty standard affairs with him composing music that is a bit more subdued and soulful compared to your standard MMJ album while exploring the space with his voice. This time around there is a lot more psych on this album and it really suits him well.

This is the indie store exclusive gold variant and it’s limited to 1500 copies.

The Details

JIM JAMES HAS BEEN THE PRIMARY SONGWRITER FOR My Morning Jacket since the band's formation in 1998. For his second album, Eternally Even, James explores a more subtle sound, one heavily informed by soul and psychedelia. Thoughtful lyrics that sometimes speak on matters at hand ("If you don't vote, it's on you-not me" in "Same Old Lie," and the album dropped a day before election day) accompany raw-but-calming arrangements, with chill melodies and atmospheric textures working together for a satisfying listen. The easy favorite here is "Here in Spirit," with "Hide In Plain Sight" and the aforementioned "Same Old Lie" also deserving many replays. Also check out the vintage soul-leaning "The World's Smiling Now," or the contemplative "We Ain't Getting Any Younger" parts 1 & 2 (pt. 1 has no vocals but very powerful nevertheless). This is the limited-edition, gold vinyl pressing of the album, 1500 copies only.

limited-edition gold vinyl, 1500 copies
indie exclusive pressing
music label: Capitol Records 2016

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