The moment I hear Tom Krell’s quivering falsetto floating over his distinctive New Jack Swingin’ synths and beats, I’m immediately transported back to my 6th Grade Valentine’s Day Dance.  Fellas by the punch bowl, ladies on the opposite side next to the chips n dips.  Boyz II Men starts playing on the speakers…it’s now or never, candy asses.  Put the punch down and grow a pair.

Oh, how I remember Kristi.  She played trumpet in the band (so sexy), had a sharp wit and wore Vanilla Fields perfume.  I wiped my sopping-wet hands on my fresh Girbaud jeans and walked across the empty dance floor towards my prey.  Heart is not beating at this point.  I may have died for a split-second…but who cares?  She said ‘yes’ to a dance, laid her head on my sweaty, boney shoulder…and I could smell Vanilla Fields perfume on my Cosby sweater for the next week.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, but maybe Krell is just that awesome.  I’ve always loved How to Dress Well’s sound, the heart-on-sleeve lyrics and his delicate, about-to-break vocals.  And I love the new single and I love How to Dress Well and sugar plums and honey melons…but a $40 album is for the die-hards.  I never thought I’d ask this question, but how much do I like nu-r&b?

Maybe I’ll call up Kristi and get her opinion.

The Details

Limited to 1000
The entire package comes in a printed color PVC wallet:
• The album on double 180gram heavyweight vinyl housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve
• 28 page, 12" X 12" booklet
• One sided etched 10" containing two exclusive non-album songs 'Let U Know' and 'So Easy for Pleasure'.

Price $40

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