When I heard that this guy played guitar with Mac DeMarco, I knew I had to check out the solo-project Homeshake by Peter Sagar!  You can tell by a few of the tracks that they’re related, but this is much more a laidback, groovy, lo-fi expedition into slow-funk/soul. There are some extremely well-arranged sedated grooves in here, which contains just the right amount of  jangle and discords! Well of course he doesn’t quite have the vocal abilities of his more known friend (who does?), but that really doesn’t matter. The arrangements are so playful, inventive and heartfelt that even Axl Rose couldn’t ruin this one…probably.  “Hey what’s up my name is Pete, how do you do/ yeah it’s really nice to meet, and sing to you”, the opening lyrics on “Okay” pinpoints just the feeling I get from this album, that he’s utterly enjoing himself noodeling up these delicious grooves and sharing them with us. Can’t wait to recieve this, I’m gonna spin this one a lot!

The Special Edition is limited to 250 copies on Blue Vinyl w/Silk-Screened Wrap Around Poster.  Releasing on Sinderlyn Records on october 7th, this edition is only available via Captured Tracks mailorder.



Stream the whole album now over at exclaim.ca up until releasedate RIGHT HERE

The Details

Hoomeshake – In The Shower LP/CD

Release Date: October 7th, 2014

This Special Edition is pressed on Blue Vinyl and comes with a Silk-Screened Wrap Around Poster.
Digital Available Here: iTunes or Amazon.


01 . She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight

02. Chowder

03. Doo Dah

04. Making a Fool of You

05. Michael

06. Cash is Money

07. Okay

08. Slow

09. The Shower Scene

10. Home at Last

Price $20

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