RIYL: 311, Esprit 空想, Mirror Kisses, Enya

Label: 100% Electronica

What’s the color of your energy? While we’re asking questions, have you ever wondered what it would sound like if 311 dropped the reggae grooves and began exploring new age compositions, obscure 80s and 90s ephemera and the outer fringes of vaporwave? The answer is finally here, embedded into two new tracks from vapor-pioneer George Clanton and 311 frontman Nick Hexum, who refers to it as “retro-electronica-ethereal-hip hop.” Both artists share a deep interest in sounds and tones that bleed with nostalgia, so the collaboration feels natural and sounds refreshingly original.

Take a listen to both tunes below and pick up a copy of the pink vinyl 7″ after the ‘buy’ link. This is only the beginning for Clanton & Hexum as they plan on releasing a full album very soon. Stay tuned!

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Records ship early October.

The first two songs from George Clanton & 311's Nick Hexum new project are out now!

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