RIYL: Chance the Rapper, Tyler the Creator, Miguel

Label: self-released

Raise your hand if you were smart enough to grab Frank Ocean’s official release of Blonde on vinyl last year during Black Friday?  Not me, man.  I was one of those “Oh, it’ll turn up at my local record store” guys.  I was one of those “Well, my bootleg copy sounds fine, so…” guys.  I was one of those “But $35 is too much for a record” guys.  Well, Cyber Monday 2017 is my chance for redemption, for Franky O has thrown up the official pressing for Endless after countless bootlegs circulated the internet all year.  Same song and dance this time around, though.  You have today and today only to buy it, and then it’s so f-ing over, man.  You’ve been warned.

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Price $35

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