RIYL: Gospel, Delta Blues, Soul

Label: Fat Elvis Records

Some of our best works of art in this country were spawned from the voices strained under great tyranny. ¬†The blues was built on it, gospel fought with it, soul music danced with it and hip hop flourished in its streets. ¬†The Oakland-bred Fantastic Negrito encapsulates a little of all of those voices in his music, wrestling with his pain and suffering through a set of pipes that could blow the roof off any church or night club. ¬†His newest 7″ continues down that path, exploring every issue from poverty to exclusion¬†to our nation’s history with racial tensions. ¬†If there was ever a man that could authentically deliver the blues in 2016, it’s Fantastic Negrito.

Listen to the incendiary B-side The Nigga Song below, and check out A-side Working Poor after the ‘buy’ link. ¬†His previous 7″ with Fat Elvis Records¬†sold out quickly, and those variants sell for quite a bit on the secondary market, so grab one while you can. ¬†As of now, there are about 20 copies left.

The Details

SIDE A : Working Poor
SIDE B : The Nigga Song

100 Copies on White vinyl (Fat Elvis Records Exclusive)

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Price $10

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