Oakland’s spokesman is Fantastic Negrito.  Don’t believe me?  Read his bio.  Known in his neck of the woods as Xavier Dphrepaulezz, this is roots music birthed out of decades of hardships and hard luck, near-death experiences and great loss.  Not only did these experiences shape Xavier’s trajectory in his music, they constructed an unbreakable, impossibly soulful voice.

These two tracks in particular show off Fantastic Negrito’s ability to conjure up the ghosts from America’s darkest hours…the centuries of blood, sweat, anger and grief from the men and women who slaved under the shadow of tyranny.  This is the sound of the red-stained cotton fields, the sweltering plantations, the packed churches and taverns filled with despair and hope alike.  It’s the feeling we get when we see yet more hatred and ignorance today on the news or in our government buildings and schools.  To call it ‘soul’ music would do it an injustice.

This 7″ goes on sale at noon EST on Monday, August 10.  Cherry red and creamsicle orange variants, limited to 175 each, will be $6.  A deluxe edition with random-colored blown glass vinyl and hand-screened covers, limited to 100 copies, will be $13.  If you’ve been caught up in the revival and want it ALL, there’s a bundle with all 3 variants for $25.  Don’t stop there though.  Go see this man live…and I mean that in both senses of the word.

The Details

On sale at Noon EST on Monday, August 10.

The vinyl record will come in three limited edition versions.
They are Creamsicle Orange (175 copies), Cherry Red (175 copies), and a deluxe edition with random colored blown glass vinyl with hand screened metallic silver ink covers (100 copies).
18 random numbered copies will include a signed cover.

Thanks to Sean Russell for the tip!

Price $6

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