RIYL: Matthew Dear, Twin Shadow, Shigeto

Label: Def Presse

From Def Presse:
An expansive 7-song release, Corey King’s A Loveless Sunken Sun is a testament to the power of angst to foster growth…
‘A Loveless Sunken Sun’ features synths, drum machines, and programming augmented with live band elements that display the singularity of his musical character. Whereas his 2016 outing Lashes dabbled more with rock and indie influences, ‘A Loveless Sunken Sun’ manifests the breadth of King’s influences; a picturesque world that is equal parts Electronic, Krautrock and Afrobeat. 

There is a feeling of rootless-ness in this record as King processes gratitude, wonder, and sorrow related to the demands of travel, new responsibilities, and loss of his grandmother, Ruthy Taylor, to whom—along with other family members and friends—he dedicates this EP. This atmospheric and richly impressionistic work offers a glimpse of King’s moody and rewarding experience of life. 

Check out the first 2 singles below and grab some pink wax after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

A limited run of pink vinyl. Pantone covers.

Releases October 4, 2019
All written and composed by Corey King except 'NB'.
NB - Beautiful People, written by Thom Yorke and Mark Pritchard.

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Price $16.95

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