RIYL: James Brown, Sharon Jones and the Dapkings, Budos Band, James Hunter Six

Label: Daptone

SOLD OUT You can still grab a copy on black vinyl. Get yours!

If you are like me you have been refreshing the Daptone Records website multiple times a day for weeks now waiting for the pre order for the new Charles Bradley record to go live.

Well, we’ll still be refreshing for a while longer. However today our refreshing has been rewarded! There is a new Charles Bradley 45 up for preorder and there are only 200 copies of the variants which are all on random colored vinyl. Spin the wheel, who knows what color will show up at your door?

You better get on this now because the variants are sure to go lightning quick.

The Details

200 45s with random color vinyl available as part of our "Countdown to 100" colored vinyl series. Random color vinyl is just that — completely random. We do not know exactly what colors you will wind up with, and they are going to be all over the board. While no two records will look exactly alike, some might be very similar in shade. Orders with multiple copies will not guarantee completely different shades for each copy. The following picture is an example of a few random color 45s, but, we cannot stress enough that every random color job is different, so please do not take this picture as an exact replica of what your order may be.

The Screaming Eagle of Soul has landed! In anticipation for the forthcoming full length, Changes, it brings us great pleasure to ring in 2016 with "Change for the World" b/w "Revelation". On this single, Charles, backed by Menahan Street Band, take the psychedelically seasoned soul flirted with on 2013’s ‘Victim of Love’, and expands on it. Marrying heavy rhythm and tape delay with Charles’ pleading vocal performance, it lurks in the ether, engaging your psyche in ways that will make you think there’s more to this life than previously imagined. It’s Revelation! #charlesforchange

Price $6.99

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