Now this is a slab o’ good ol’ 80’s deep-funk!   If you’re into the grooves of Dam-Funk and Turqouise Summers, or 80’s P-Funk, Paul Hardcastle and Zapp & Roger, be sure to dig into this one!

Brian Ellis most known as the guitarist in the British progressive rock-band Astra (check out their debut “The Weirding” on Rise Above Records, a definite must if you’re into retro 70’s prog), but certainly has a lot more up his sleeve.  The Reflection project consists of Brian Ellis and brothers Adam and Jordan Chini, and is a fresh take on those soulful, deep 80’s funk-tunes. Armed to their teeth with analogue synths, drum-machines and guitars, these guys blast lazerbeams of soulful grooves and hit you right in the hips!  Coup the dancefloor, resistance is futile.

You can stream and buy the whole EP through Voltaire Records  RIGHT HERE  Whole lotta boogie for 10 bucks!



The Details

Release Date : 7/29/14

Hailing from Escondido, CA, Brian Ellis is set on a mission to push authentic drum machine synthesizer funk to the livest, rawest level. His gear list is strong, his output is prolific, and his work ethic is unrivaled…armed with his oberheim DX, oberheim Matrix-1000, Roland SVC-350 Vocoder, and an arsenal of various guitars, synths, and outboard effects, Brian and his group “REFLECTION” are prepped to unleash an array of utterly devastating jams onto the dancefloor.

Brian Ellis alongside brothers Adam and Jordan Chini make up the modern funk group REFLECTION. The 3 multi-instrumentalists employ a slew of analog synthesizers, vocoders, vintage drum machines and live guitars to create their own brand of live funk. Standing firmly behind the motto "no computers", REFLECTION perform without the help of sequencing or quantization giving the audience a true live show. REFLECTION aims to create timeless music, free of fads and trends, and rich with adventurous songwriting, lush textures, fat basslines and soaring leads.

Price $10

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