RIYL: Charles Bradley, Beres Hammond

Label: Daptone Records

If you’re like me you jump at the chance to preorder any and every Daptone 45 that comes off the presses.
A few years ago when I started this way of thinking I was rewarded with an excellent version of Bob & Gene’s I Can’t Stand These Lonely Nights featuring the Inversions.

This marriage of classic soul and reggae wasn’t something that I was ever anticipating or expecting, but boy it did it ever deliver!

Limited to 200 copies on Coke Bottle Clear(my personal favorite vinyl color) Daptone has put Producer Victor “Ticklah” Axelrod back at the helm to meld together these two seemingly oddly matched groups of musicians. I can’t wait to hear how this one comes out. The video below is for their release together from 2012 to give you a taste of what your future holds. It holds a lot of happiness.

The Details

Producer extraordinaire Victor "Ticklah" Axelrod is back in the saddle, serving up two sides of sublime Island Soul - "I Can Be Cool" b/w "Version". As with his last single for Daptone, Axelrod effortlessly blends the ethereal vocals of our beloved boys from Buffalo, Bob & Gene, with the undeniable feel-good instrumentation of reggae stalwarts, The Inversions. The original Bob & Gene version of "I Can Be Cool" is a bonafide classic on the West Coast low-rider/sweet-soul scene and a staff favorite here at Daptone HQ. Its reggae-charged reboot that we so humbly offer up is sure to take you and the one you love to dizzying, uncharted, slow-dancing heights!

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