RIYL: Chromeo, Cut Copy, Miike Snow

Label: Soul Step Records

Coasting on the momentum they gained from the neon funk of their 2018 debut Goldmine, Cincinnati’s favorite pelvic-pushing playboys are back with a sophomore effort stacked with syrupy synthwave and glitzy bubblegum popscapades. Titled Fluorescent Nights, the boys are doubling down on the ’80s funk and r&b synth style they turned loose on Goldmine, but they clearly spent more time in the studio this time around. Jamie Rasmussen’s bass is punchier, Zach and Devin’s interplay of guitar and vocals sounds much more vivid and their overall aesthetic is more realized. Check three of those new tracks out below and see for yourself.

Soul Step Records only made 100 copies of the album on green vinyl and the majority of those copies went to the label’s subscribers. If you’re looking for a good time in the throes of your isolation party, let Automagik adorn your turntable and watch that frown turn upside down.



The Details

Soul Step Records Announces SSR-064!

Soul Step Records is proud to announce the release of the brand new LP from Cincinnati’s Automagik. It’s called “Fluorescent Nights.” Automagik is continuing their new sound building from the buzz generated from their previous release “Goldmine” that was also released on Soul Step Records.

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