RIYL: Antibalas, Santana

Label: Discos Saguaros y Pistolas

Almas Fronterizas are back with their patented “Barrio Soul” sound on their latest EP, Rosa Tropical.
Limited to a mere 300 copies and pressed by the team at Empty Cellar Records you know it’s going to be good.

And honestly, who doesn’t love a parrot on their cover?

Run, don’t walk, because this one is bound to sell fast. Check out the tune in the video below. You are going to be having a good time.

The Details

"a video about movement and motion that’s a shotgun-seat surface-street ride through a particularly classic kind of night, soundtracked by a song that slips easily between psychedelia, dub, Latin and more. It’s a trip, in several different ways. " - LA Record

About "Rosa Tropical", by Almas Fronterizas:

We present to you Rosa Tropical. An album that burns with the heat of a late night romance under an illuminated moon. An intense sense of groove born from something more than the streets, echoed by the familiar tone of agony and ecstasy. The type of music that plays in your neighborhood in a haze as the street traffic intensifies with the mirage of the lover with brown skin and cinnamon eyes. Somewhere along the avenidas of the barrio you look to the night sky and know they think of you as the conga and trumpet lines caress the pulse of the city.

Lose yourself in Rosa Tropical, a sound that is an emotional cruise through the psyche of love blossoming as the warmth of a spring night offers you its heart fully.

Fresh new grooves from Almas Fronterizas cut at Timmion Records in Helsinki, Finland courtesy of Discos Pistolas y Saguaros and distributed by Empty Cellar Records. Produced by Greg Landau and recorded and engineered by Gabriel Shepard of 25th Street Recording in Oakland, CA. Limited to 300.

Track Listing:

1. Rosa Tropical
2. El Barrio
3. Primavera Negra
4. Crema Dulce

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Price $20

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