People of the world, Yuppies makes the third release on Andrew Savage’s Dull Tools and this also makes their full-length debut period. These guys have been a band for six years and the product they present on this album shows it. It’s raucous organized chaos with plenty of existential musing intermixed with yelling and rather hushed vocal work (which almost comes off as just speaking sometimes). Jack Begley’s vocal work holds a strong resemblance to Savage’s vocal stylings at times, but alas he is his own beast in the grand vocal scheme of things. The mood on Yuppies ranges from melancholic to exuberant and Begley’s lyricism keeps your attention expertly. The album flows like a book and I’m sure that’s what Yuppies were going for. The band as a whole (Kevin Donahue, Noah Sturba and Jeff Sedrel) give off signs of warm, great synergy, despite some of the topics at hand. Check out Yuppies with the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Yuppies was formed in the summer of 2007 by Jack Begley, Kevin Donahue and Noah Sterba in Omaha, Nebraska. United by mutual teenage boredom and a desire to perform live, the three became known for sloppy, frantic, yet energetic live performances and worse-than-dirt low-fidelity recordings. The first single, released on Grotto Records in 2008, captures the immediacy and urgency of their catchy, raw basement recordings. After cutting their teeth touring basements all over the midwest, Yuppies added Jeff Sedrel on bass in 2010. The addition of Sedrel allowed the band to evolve their sound out of the simplistic pop tunes into something more mature, thought out and robust.

With the bands initial energy and rawness still intact, a new realized, cohesive sound can be heard on Yuppies' debut LP on Dull Tools. Omaha writer Tim McMahan asserts, "Yuppies don’t so much play songs as perform ebb-and-flow music that, when it does have a semblance of songcraft, can be driving and catchy and inspired. The rest of it will leave you bent over, coughing up blood." Accolades for the band have reached beyond the confines of Omaha. A. Savage of Parquet Courts, who is releasing Yuppies' eponymous LP via Dull Tools informs that Yuppies are "heavily indebted to the loner-poets that came before them, as if the band is playing This Nation's Saving Grace era Fall via William Burroughs. Yuppies make no effort to guide you along their dreary tour of the midwest's industrial slums, from the onslaught, you are expected to keep up the pace."

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