Tough Love Records is the sound of a burgeoning youth culture, hosting a bragworthy multitude of bands (the majority¬†barely out of their teens)¬†that take genres we’ve grown up with, throw them into the woodchipper and paint something new with the debris. ¬†Four Danish youngsters known as Yung now join their ‘buzz band’ ranks with Yvette, CYMBALS and Girls Names.

First single¬†Nobody Cares¬†seesaws¬†between a breezy Johnny Marr-tinged sway and a¬†fuel-injected fuzz punk blast. ¬†Too fast for a slow dance, too pretty for the pit, but¬†a perfect balance of ‘all of the above’¬†to keep us listening. ¬†It’s hard not to hear the crooked-smiled charm¬†of The Replacements as they scream “Nobody cares”¬†on repeat, and despite the melancholy implications of¬†that phrase, it’s almost impossible to share that sentiment with guitar riffs like those.

I’m expecting a big 2015 for Yung. ¬†Only 100 copies on red wax are being offered. ¬†What ya waitin’ fer?¬†¬†Take it, it’s yours.

The Details

Danish four-piece, Yung will release their international debut EP, Alter, on March 2nd through Tough Love. The 6 tracks present a brash and persuasive slice of Nordic punk, with a rare sense of rhythm and melody bands that recalls the Replacements, Jay Retard and Ty Segall. Alter is released on limited edition 12" vinyl and digital formats.

NOTE TO COLLECTORS - 100 copies will be available on transparent red vinyl ONLY from the Tough Love Store.

Price $13.55

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